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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hey guys,
Some of you already know this, but I had surgery yesterday for my foot. My doctor did a paraneal Nerve Release up at my knee to hopefully relieve the nerve pain I’ve had in my foot. Here’s hoping to my last stent on crutches! Surgery went well and fast. Recovery is going okay, can’t do anything but lay down with it elevated for 26 more hours, which is BORING! I had a really good nights sleep last night so I’m thinking God for that.

SO while I’m laying around I figured out how to make an ringtone of Orphan Girl…SO if you’d like me to text it to you simply send me a text to 785-614-3817!

Last weekend Erin and I had a gig down in Tahlequah Oklahoma. On the drive there were a few things that stuck out to me as being amazing. Have you ever seen a sunflower field in full bloom? If you haven’t it’s just beautiful, this particular field of sunflowers had one windmill¬† in the middle of it and it was just gorgeous. Another thing that really stuck out to me on this trip was the drought in Oklahoma. The trees were just brown and dead looking. It’s amazing how just 200 miles away can be so dry and different.

The other exciting news was that on Sunday I competed in the Kansas State Fiddle contest and I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so thrilled! I played Temperance Reel, Sourgrass and Granite and St. Annes Reel.

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