Whip Up A Tune is here

Whip Up A Tune is here

Our new instructional book, Whip Up A Tune, is finally here!  The book contains a baker’s dozen tunes and recipes transcribed for fiddle, clawhammer banjo, mountain dulcimer, and hammered dulcimer.  This is more than a basic tune-book.  We have included stories about each tune, a basic melody in standard music notation, our own arrangements for each of the instruments, plus thirteen of our family-favorite recipes.  We also worked with artist Peter Lague, who designed the cover and illustrated pencil-drawings throughout the book.

Whip up a Tune(Erin, Peter, and Amber the day the book arrived)

Here’s a bit of the story behind the book:  One day, we were driving along in our van named ‘Toto,’ watching the white stripes go on endlessly, and talking about ideas for future projects.  Amber said, “What would happen if we wrote a book with arrangements for all of our instruments and some of our favorite recipes?” and the idea for Whip Up A Tune was hatched.  As we continued down the highway, the dream for such a book continued to grow.  Our favorite things are music and food and we love nothing more than to share those with our friends, so we made a book.  We wrote the arrangements the way we actually play them, de-mystifying some of our “tricks” along the way; and we shared some of our memories, inviting readers to join us at the campfire and the dinner table.

To order the 116-page spiral-bound Whip Up A Tune book, visit the Store.  Tunes included are Angeline the Baker, Arkansas Traveler, Big Sciota, Cherokee Shuffle, Cluck Ol’ Hen, Mole in the Ground, Old Grimes, Salt Creek, Southwind, St. Anne’s Reel, Star of County Down, Temperance Reel, and Turkey in the Straw.

Whip Up a Tune front cover Whip Up a Tune back cover

A Review of the book from Ed Marsh, professor at South Plains College
Open letter – Today, I received a copy of your marvelous new book “Whip Up A Tune: A Baker’s Dozen Tunes and Recipes.”

It is beautiful – a real work of art with flavorful tunes and tasty treats. What a great idea. I am sure I will try the recipes, play the tunes, and remember the sweet chefs who conjured up both.

You have truly made something to own for a lifetime. I have a very few books of music that have lived and traveled with me for 30 or 40 years. Great books are vessels – like boats and bottles. Over time we fill them with our own enjoyment of the art and music.

I think you have created a fine vessel – sail away ladies!

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