West Coast Tour Stop #1

West Coast Tour Stop #1

Erin and I had our first stop of our West Coast tour 2013 tonight! We played at the wonderful Evangelical Free church in Kimball Nebraska.

Kimball Nebraska is a small town in the South West portion of the state. A small town with big personality. I recommend the accommodations at the Days Inn. The pillow stack is amazing and the internet is speedy.

Todays journey consisted of two gas stops and 424 miles. We listened to some awesome tunes on Spotify and Erin read me some of our Frank Peretti book. Although, she was a major sleepy head today and even fell asleep mid-page of our book. Hopefully she will sleep good tonight and do some more reading tomorrow.

The picture I’m posting with this blog is of a COFFEE BEAN necklace and earrings. The church here supports a mission in Guatemala and the women there make these wonderfully nifty crafts. You can check them out at www.weavinghopeministry.org

Thanks for tuning in,

See you down the road!

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