Update from Oregon Tour, in New Mexico

Greetings from the great state of New Mexico on a hot and windy Monday afternoon. We are sitting at a friends house enjoying cool water and watching the smoke billow over the mountains from a huge forest fire. Come to find out having the air full of smoke doesn’t make one feel very good.

Erin and I have been having a wonderful tour, the state of Oregon was lovely and California was grand. Our stop in Chico, California was fabulous. We played a live bit on  the KZFR Radio Station! http://www.kzfr.org/ Later that night we played at the White Ranch and had the Boogie Band open for us! We had a great evening.

Chico California, Boogie Band

Our drive from Chico, CA to LA was a long one! Who knew California was a big empty state full of dry dessert? NOT ME, it was not the drive I was expecting! LA traffic on the other had was just about what I was expecting, HOWEVER the dumb road construction at the beginning of the day slowed us down enough that we hit rush hour…or rush 3 hours.

Our next stop was Phoenix, Arizona! This was our first ever time in the state of ARIZONA and it was AWESOME! We met some FANTASTIC people and enjoyed teaching a full day of workshops with a concert in the evening. The 110 degree heat was warm, but the pool at night was fabulous

. Happy Ducks in Fountain

We are working on wrapping this tour up, we have had great shows, have seen some beautiful scenery but we are TIRED! We have driven 3,000 miles in 16 days and have played I think 14 shows. WE ARE POOPED! We have 4 shows left and plan to present them with all of the energy and excitement we can muster up!!!!!

Be sure to check out the picture page of the website! I threw up a few new pictures earlier today. Also keep an eye on our schedule we are going to be adding new shows just as soon as we get back into office mode!

I”m excited to report that my cell phone is being replaced this coming weekend so I will be able to make phone calls and send consistent text messages again! WAHOO!!! I have my eye set on a new lap top where the whole screen works, unlike my current which decided to go on strike this tour!

K, keep cool out there and we will check in soon!!!




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  1. Sounds like you guys are going crazy running around. I bet you will be glad to just kick back for a couple of weeks when you get back. I really enjoyed your concert in Oregon, both at the Gorge and the Coffee house. Looking foreword to seeing you in the future. I cracked up when I read you “Threw up a few new pictures”. It must have been hard going down 🙂

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