Tour Day #19

Friday, April 22, 2011

Today we’ve been on the road for 19 days! WOOHOO!!!
All is going well! Today we are working in a coffee shop in Rainbow City, Alabama.
I don’t remember when I wrote last…so I’ll just tell you whatever I feel like 🙂
Last weekend we went to Pensacola Florida, the ocean is BEAUTIFUL! I like the water A LOT. I’m afraid if I lived by the water I’d never get anything done other than playing in the water! We managed to go to the beach and leave the beach with the same color of skin! No red sunburns for us white girls!!!

This week we’ve been camping out near Attalla, Alabama. We have friends here who are renovating an old barn as a resting place for folks who are on the road and just need a place to bed down and rest. There are about 30 hippies out on the land with us working! It’s been an awesome process to watch. There have been multiple projects happening at once, cutting down trees, building walls, moving mud, painting, garden planting, singing, playing music around campfires, cooking and just a bunch of people having fun working together. Camping is one of my all time favorite things…..EXCEPT for storms, and OF COURSE there have been two big thunderstorms! One night found Erin and I running through the rain to get to the van for safety! We attempted sleeping in the van, but ya…we didn’t get much sleep with all of that racket going on outside! We are borrowing a tent from our friends Mike and Jo, and they have an awesome tent! It hasn’t even leaked!!!! I found out the hard way yesterday that my thyroid medicine makes me sensitive to the sun….yep….YET ANOTHER sunburn. OUCH! Thank goodness for Aloe Vera! I’ll be keeping my skin covered or carrying my portable tree…aka umbrella…with me at all times!!!

Tomorrow Erin and I have a gig in Chelsea, Al. We’re excited about that! It’s about time we showered and started looking like human beings again! Next week will find us in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina! If you know anyone near Valley Cruises North Carolina, be sure to tell them about our show at the “Mast Farm Inn” on Monday May 2nd!
We have very few plans for Easter this weekend, attending church somewhere around Chelsea, and just being thankful for what we have! God has been blessing us so much and we’re very thankful for the relationship we can have with our Savior Jesus Christ!

Thank you for your support on the road, we miss our friends at home, but are having a good time making new friends along the way!

Happy Easter!!!

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