Took a Scenic Route

Saturday, April 9, 2011

As we’re traveling around we try to stay true to our name….we took a medium length Scenic Route yesterday through Arkansas…..OOPS!
We had a lovely stay in Rudy Arkansas on Thursday evening. We had some FABULOUS dinner with friends from “lalaland”! On Friday morning we got up and headed to Eureka Springs, AR to check out the scene! It took us a while to get there…that winding road getting into town was a bit tricky, our big ol’ van didn’t really care for those winding roads. The town of Eureka has “tiny” roads too, the first parking lot I found I was like, I’m taking the spot as fast as possible!
In Eureka we saw friends from Winfield who own a coffee shop there, the Daily Grounds…we had a fine cup of coffee then walked around town. Since it took us longer to get to town than we expected we didn’t have much time, BUT we have decided that we want to go back!
Before we headed out of town we checked the map ect for getting to Little Rock, AR. Well….we looked at the map and turned on the GPS but we didn’t check to make sure the GPS was taking us the way we wanted….OOPS…so we took off and started in the completely wrong direction…oops. We realized what was going on about 20 miles down the road…but it took us nearly 2 hours total to get back to where we should have been in the first place. OOPS! It’s a good thing it was a beautiful day and a pretty drive. So, we spent most of yesterday in the van, but we did get cheapish gas….
We’ve had a lovely little stay in Little Rock, AR last night. Today we’ll drive to Louisiana, it will be our first time ever there, we can hardly wait!!!!
I’ll sign off for now, office time is about up for the day. If anyone knows of a cool place to stay in Lake Charles, send us a note…we’re looking for a place on monday night!

See ya down the road


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