The Buggy Tour

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Erin and I have titled our current tour the “buggy tour”….wasps, ticks, chiggers, mosquitoes, leaches, you name it we’ve gotten some of them this trip! I think that they’re all gross but I’m much more used to the chiggers and mosquitoes, the ticks and leaches really give me the willies! Poor sis got stung by the wasp, her finer has healed fine and she wasn’t allergic. My tick bite got to be about 2 inches across red but no bulls eye and has since gone down and is back to normal. The leaches out of the lake today, well they’re just nasty!

This tour has been a good one, looking forward to 5 shows this weekend in Shelby, NC. If you live in the area check out where we’ll be! I fly home on Monday to continue office work before I head to Colorado on nanny duty for a week of camping!

Our August schedule isĀ  filling up nicely with Kansas shows. I have a few Sundays and a couple of Fridays left if you want to see us at your favorite restaurant, church, coffee shop or even in your own backyard for a fun summer party, give us a ring or send us an e-mail 785-614-3817, [email protected]

I’m going to run for now, it’s time to help our hosts cook up some dinner. Shrimp and veggies are on the menu. Thanks for tuning into the “Buggy Tour”


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