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Monday, April 2, 2012

Erin and I have found our way back to the great state of Texas. This weekend we enjoyed some incredible shows. Friday at noon we played for the Whittharral Elementary Schools. The almost 200 students there seemed to really enjoy our music. Friday night we played for the West Texas Bluegrass and traditional music association. http://www.westtexasbluegrasstraditionalmusicassociation.com/ We enjoyed playing to a full house there. We also enjoyed seeing some of our classmates from South Plains College. We enjoyed a late night Ihop trip with them just like back in our school days :).

Erin and I enjoyed a Saturday off by drinking coffee, meeting up with friends, listening to live jazz music and I got to lay down some awesome fiddle tracks for Erin’s dulcimer project she’s been working on. Our evening was filled with attending a concert and of course jamming.

Sunday we had two terrific shows, one at Smyer TX and one in Levelland TX. We had a friend of ours Matt Saed join us on bass for both shows, it was a real treat! We are having a hoot seeing everyone we met while we were at school here. It’s just been fun!

Today(monday) and tomorrow we will be teaching a couple of classes at South Plains College. We are always thrilled to be able to share our touring stories with students! The information we learned at this school has been so valuable in our careers it’s amazing!

We managed to sell out of our new CD’s this weekend. Hoping our next shipment really does come today like it should! It’s pretty awesome to say we’re sold out :). Erin and I will be in Texas all this week. Check the website for our full schedule www.scenicroots.com.

Next week we are heading for Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. I’m still working on filling in some dates…of course my hopes at planning ahead are now gone :).

I guess that’s probably a long enough blog for now… thanks for coming to shows and supporting live music. See you down the road!



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