Summer Tour Season

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our Summer tour season is getting ready to kick off. We will be leaving for tour in just about 10 days. We are heading through Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia! This will be a shorter trip for us, just over two weeks.
We are excited about the shows coming up, house concerts, backyard parties, art events, a church or two and a workshop or two. Should be a fun trip. Check our website for our full schedule

Last weekend Erin and I got to record a live performance video! I can’t wait to get the edits back so we can show the video to you! We will use the video for festival promotion and we will have it up on youtube as well.

This is also birthday season in our household. Last week I celebrated my 23rd birthday, today mom celebrates hers and on Friday Erin will celebrate her 25th. We are enjoying a few weeks at home getting work done and eating lots of birthday cake!

We are excited about two camps we will be teaching at in July. What were your favorite parts of attending camp when you were a kid? I know Erin and I both have incredible memories of attending summer camps every summer. From 4-H Camp, to church camps and our favorites music camps! We will be playing at 1 church camp in Nebraska and 1 art camp here close to home in Courtland, KS.

Starting next week I’m going to be hitting our fall tour schedule really hard. We are planning a 7-8 week tour through Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia, up to Connecticut, through some northern states and maybe back through Ohio. If you or anyone you know lives in those regions hit me up and I’ll come play a show for you!!!

Today Erin and I are reminded how precious life is. A great family we met earlier this year just lost one of their sons, we are so greatful to have met this family and our hearts break for them as they go through this hard time!

Rmember to live every day like it’s your last, dream big!
Signing off for now,
Come see us at a show near you this summer!

Amber Rogers for Scenic Roots
[email protected]


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