Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hello there Friends, Family and Fans…..
We are writing from the busy downtown Seattle, WA. Erin and I have had a fabulous week here in the area. We spent last weekend attending the bluegrass festival “Wintergrass”. What a wonderful experience that was. Top notch music, great sound reinforcement, a wonderful facility and our favorite world class jamming. We didn’t get much sleep but we sure had fun seeing shows, working volunteer shifts and playing music in the halls. We ran into so many friends we knew, had a really nice time catching up a bit.
Since the festival we’ve been staying with a fantastic host Max Beery. He has this house in Seattle where people come and go at all hours of the day and night. You never know when you wake up who will be there or not. We’ve met lots of friendly folks, even learned about silver the other night!
Today we are planning to go see the famous Pike’s market, maybe go catch a fish :). Tonight we are going to see some theater production. Tomorrow we are looking forward to seeing the ocean, and eating fresh fish. Our friend Chris will be showing us around tomorrow. Then tomorrow night if you’re in the area we are splitting the bill with some awesome musicians at the Gypsy Cafe. I’m sure it’s going to be a fun time for us as the musicians and you as the audience.
Erin and I have been talking with friends back home in Concordia this week to start planning out CD release party! That’s right folks we have a big bash planned for next Friday night March 9th. We are going to play 3 shows at Jitters Coffee House, noon, 6pm and 9pm. For the 9pm show we are offering VIP seating so you’re sure to get a spot. The $10.00 VIP seat is going to come with many fun perks from the band so be sure to call Amber today 785-614-3817 to secure your spot!!!!!
Speaking of the new CD we are SOOOO close to our release that we are freaking out with all of the work left to do…radio, website updates, online markets ect ect. We will have a very busy 2 weeks.
2 weeks from today we will be headed out for our Southern spring tour…Texas and New Mexico you had better get ready for us! We can’t wait to see you!!!

Thanks for tuning in….we are having a wonderful trip and can’t wait to get home to Kansas.



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