Rocks in the Windshield

Friday, November 26, 2010

We drive a lot of miles, obvious statement I know…but one of the most irritating things about traveling is when a rock hits my wind shield. First of all it scares me half to death, and it almost ALWAYS results in having to make a trip to the insurance office and the glass shop.
Our latest rock story happened on our way home from our Fall Tour. We were headed home from Mt. View, Arkansas, driving along on a 4 lane highway, Erin was taking herself a nice little nap, I was enjoying the fall scenery when CABOOM there came the rock. Once the rock hits sometimes it takes a little while to find the spot it made. NOT this time The rock hit near the bottom of the wind shield towards the middle, but it didn’t just leave a little mark like most do, NO it RAN! I mean it probably cracked a good 3 inches right on contact. As the day went on I entertained myself by watching the crack grow. It started going straight up, I was like I’m ok with that, then it took a curve to the left, headed right through my line of vision…that would be bad, so I was like why don’t you go down a little, yes, being an akward musician I talk to the wind shield cracks. By the time we got home 8 hours later the crack was about 6 inches long.
I made the call to the insurance company, Neil said to call the glass shop and find out how long the crack had to be before it was a replacement, well we’d past that point, so I decided not to fix it for a while, you know save up some money….Well the other night the entire family was in the van headed to a gig in Clay Center, KS about 45 miles from the house. It was a cold night and we were fogging the wind shield up so we cranked on the defrost…now talk about entertainment, that crack started growing again! The best part is that it started heading down,’s not in the way anymore…The next thing I’m going to do is to check with our friend Dave, he’s a highway patrolman, I’m going to check and make sure someone can’t give me a ticket for having this crack, and if they won’t I”m going to continue entertaining myself with this wind shield crack, because I KNOW we’ll get hit by another rock, then at some point we’ll just get it replaced.
You might wonder, does this really entertain you…the answer is yes, we’ve had more conversations and laughs over that dumb crack over the last month than anything else regarding a car.
So the next time you’re driving, watch out for those flying rocks!



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