Road to Damascus Video is Coming

Monday, February 4, 2013

Only 5 more days until our new music video comes out!  Woo HOO!  That’s right friends, on Friday, February 8th, you will be able to watch the official music video for “Road to Damascus.”

We want to celebrate this occasion with you, so we decided we should give some stuff away!  Here are the details:

If you help us share our video all over the internet, you can be entered in a drawing for a free Scenic Roots t-shirt or CD of your choice.  This contest will be open from Friday through Sunday, so you have several days to participate.  You can enter multiple times by doing each of the following things:
1- Share the video on Facebook and tag Scenic Roots (so we know you shared it)
2- Post a blog about our video and share the link with us
3- Comment on the video on YouTube

We’re having a live concert at Jitters in Concordia on the release day– Friday, February 8th.  You should come!  And when you do, you can enter to win a gift certificate to Monique & Co Salon, the amazing people who were our stylists for the video.  In fact, to make it even better, you can enter at Jitters ANYTIME on Friday!

Get excited with us!  We can’t wait to show you the video!


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