Ohio 2013

(sorry I wrote this but never posted it!)

Greetings from Greenville, Ohio !
I have so much news for you I’ll start with the purchase of a new fiddle for me!!!
A few weeks back my parents pointed out to me an article in our local newspaper about a fiddle builder living just a few miles from our house in Kansas. As it turns out, he had just relocated from the state of Pennsylvania. Not long after I read the newspaper article about him I got a phone call from our local music store, they had a fiddle they wanted me to play…WELL, it turns out that the fiddle they had was one that he had made from KANSAS WOOD! That’s right folks, a hand crafted fiddle from Kansas wood from a man who’s been building fiddles since 1963! I couldn’t pass it up! I might have accidentally bought the fiddle that day, and have spent the past few weeks working odd jobs and teaching extra lessons to gather around the cash to actually buy it! The official purchase happened the day before we left on this tour. I got to travel to Robert Gordon’s home, visit his violin shop and hear him tell me stories about the fiddle I was purchasing. The fiddle has an awesome story of not being the best fiddle he had ever built, trying to be sold at an antique shop, it not selling, getting shipped back to him in Kansas and Gordon deciding to take the fiddle apart and build it a new top out of Local Kansas wood that he found in his families barn. I’m excited to have such a cool back up fiddle and can’t wait for you to meet it!

Erin and I have been on tour for 4 days, we are currently located in Greenville, Ohio. We’ve had an awesome few days out so far. Last night we played a show with the band called Square Thirteen. You should check them out https://www.facebook.com/SquareThirteen
After playing a sweet show with them they asked Erin and me to lay down some tracks on one of their songs for their new CD! Today we traveled to the Oscar Fish Recording studio and got to work with the amazing Evan McGregor. You might know Evan from the band Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers. They were the IBMA emerging artist in 2012! Check out their website www.radioramblers.com.
I felt extremely blessed and excited to get to work with all of these wonderful people today. It’s simply amazing and makes me feel so very happy! Especially when I talk about it while drinking coffee.

Sister and I have a crazy tour planned and would love to see you while we are out a wandering the East Coast. Check the schedule page to see where we are going to be, tell your family and friends in the area to come hear our shows!!!!
OH, SO…on one of our travel days through Missouri I saw a lady who had a pet monkey. This monkey was dressed with shorts, shirt and suspenders, he was a classy monkey. Now, you see, I think Scenic Roots needs a monkey named Rootey…Don’t YOU Think I should get a monkey????????
Let me know what you think in the comments below and I’ll report back from another awesome Scenic Roots tour location soon!!!

Working with Evan a fabulous engineer!
Laying down some sweet fiddle tracks
Amber tracking banjo
The amazing Square 13


I was honored to purchase a new Kansas made fiddle

I was honored to purchase a new Kansas made fiddle


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