Observations of the North East

Observations from the North East
1. Speed limit signs are meant to be ignored
2. Lane lines are just suggestions
3. Toll roads cost WAY more than the $2.75 I used to complain about in Kansas
4. Tunnels that take you under bodies of water make me very uncomfortable
5. Double Decker bridges, I always want to be on top
We are enjoying a cloudy Seattle like day here in the Baltimore, MD area. It seems like it is much gloomier weather wise this tour. It’s hard not to want to just take long afternoon naps when it’s cloudy.

We had our first ever show in Pennsylvania last night! We had a great time and it was especially nice that some of our cousins came to the show! It’s always fun to see familiar faces.

On Monday Erin and I got to have an adventure into New York City…. The word wow is the best word to describe my experience. It was crazy! We took a double decker bus tour all around the city. We got to see many of the famous sites that I had only ever heard about. It felt very surreal all day being there. I remember especially when the twin towers were hit I thought “that’s so far away, how does/will this affect me”. Well, come to find out it’s not so far away. Realizing too, just last fall when hurricane Sandy chased us out of this area much of what we saw was under water! Mind blowing! I’m very glad we got to go, and I would go again, but I am not a city girl. I’m a country bumpkin at heart and can’t wait to get back to my boonies!!!

We have a nice rest of the week planned, headed to Richmond, VA tomorrow for a show with some very special friends. Then on Friday we get to play the Rex Theater in Galax, VA! I sure can’t wait for that one.
Today we are working on writing more of our instructional book, it seems hopeless at times to get that completed by the Walnut Valley Festival, but we are trying, one step at a time, one step at a time.
Thanks for reading, how are things in your neck of the woods? You should comment at the bottom of the blog and let us know you’re reading!


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  1. at lease there are no more mention of pet monkeys. Just in case you wondered I don’t think I babysit for monkeys?? Sure wish you were home to cook supper.

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