Music Video!

Friday, April 1, 2011

We have some SUPER exciting news for you! Scenic Roots is heading out in a few short days to go shoot our first ever MUSIC VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our friend Justin Cardoza is producing and filming the video, you should check out his website
Erin and I have NO idea what we’re doing, but we are super excited.
I think I’m going to keep the song a secret for now, just to build the suspense, I can assure you that you’re going to LOVE IT!
We’ll be posting pictures and sneak peaks of the video shoot!

Our van got worked over yesterday, air filters, uh and other things that need worked on…(I wouldn’t know…) but I’m happy that it’s all taken care of and that we’re ready to embark on our next tour!
Thanks for reading and I’ll see you down the road!!!!



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