Leaving Tomorrow for June 2012 Tour

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The time has come again to leave for tour, the day before tour is always a crazy day for me. I’m torn between being extremely excited about the trip and not wanting to leave the comforts of home. It’s pretty nice here, comfy bed, nice kitchen, cute dogs, great friends, my family, nice comfy furniture, and I don’t have to use the GPS to get around town. Tour is great though, working, meeting people, traveling, playing music, highs after great shows, great conversations in homes, walks around beautiful places, new stores, new foods it’s crazy amounts of fun.

Erin and I have put the business through a makeover this month while we’ve been around home. It’s an awesome problem when your old systems don’t work and you have to come up with new methods to keep track of everything. A new database is in the works, a new money accounting system, a new inventory system, and a new calender system. Hold on to your britches, hopefully my life just got a little easier.

We are starting to work hard on our fall tour. Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Nebraska. I’ll start making calls hopefully this next week!
We are also working on playing a bunch of local shows in the month of August while we are getting ready to compete in the National competitions in Winfield Kansas.

This tour is going to be cool, we have house concerts, workshops, backyard parties, churchs, community art events and maybe even a coffee shop along the way. Erin is planning on spending a little longer out than I am, she’s hoping to finish up the rough draft of her book she’s been working on. I’ll hop on a big ol’ jet plane and head home.

For the 4th of July I’m going to be able to go to Colorado with the family I nanny for. They have a big family vacation out there every 4th year. I’m going to chase the baby and play hard while maybe pregnant momma gets some much needed rest! I’m excited that I can take some time to spend with them.

I am also working on a new fitness mission. For the first time in 10 years I’m finally pain free…so I’m training very slowly for a triathlon. When I was 12 and was being tested for a splattering of different things that might be causing my pain I said if I’m ever pain free I want to train for a triathlon. I wasn’t sure the day would ever come but it has! I bought an awesome Dolce road bike and have been working on that, hopefully I’ll get a few swimming lessons when I get back from tour. Running is awesome other than not being able to breathe! I’m so excited every day to be able to be active with no pain! A huge blessing.

Okay I’m out babysitting and the girls have had just about enough of me typing away, so we’re off to go watch their papa cut wheat! Have a great summer and I hope we will see you soon,

Amber Rogers for Scenic Roots



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