It’s May

Friday, May 6, 2011

The month of April flew by too quickly! WOW, we had such a wonderful month on the road! So many different experiences, and we saw many new places! WOOHOO!

Now today is May 6th, that means it’s just 9 days until my 22nd birthday!!!!!!! We are also fast approaching the first year anniversary of our graduating from college! I can’t believe what we’ve accomplished in just a year! Here area a few,
*became an official LLC
*recorded a new CD
*created a new website
*started a blog
*posted all of our music on itunes
*attended IBMA, placed in the top 5 of the Walnut Valley fiddle competition
*planned 4 tours
*recorded a music video
*designed a new logo
*official t-shirts
*joined the local 1000 union
Just to name a few! It’s been a really crazy but fun year….

Erin and I are currently in North Carolina, we are looking forward to playing in Asheville tomorrow! Later this week we’ll be playing for an elementary school in Chattanooga, TN.
For my birthday we have exciting plans! We are going to go see one of my favorite bands of all time, DAILEY AND VINCENT!!!!! AT THE GRAND OL OPRY!!!!!!!!!!!!! YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then next week, our last week on the road for this tour will be taking us to our unions retreat! There will be 30 people from our union there to take workshops, talk music, talk business, and I’m pretty sure we will all mange to have a wonderful time.
THEN we get to go home, not that I’m counting but we’ll be in Kansas two weeks from today! I’m really hoping to be out of my big ol walking boot by then!!!! I started therapy this week still in the boot and have high hopes of progressing into a tennis shoe next week! YAH!
I could ramble all day today….back in Shelby North Carolina we stayed with a lady who’s been making wedding cakes for 40 years, sooo…since I’m making my first wedding cake this summer I asked her for some tips. Boy howdee did I walk out with some tips, I got to spend most of one afternoon just playing in frosting trying new patterns and shapes. It was SO wonderful! I feel much more comfortable about baking this beautiful cake now!

This Sunday is mothers day, I hope you do something very sweet for your mother! We found Mom this awesome gift, but I don’t think it will get to her in time…BOO!

Allrighty, we are off for a day of adventures! Happy month of May and we will see you down the road soon!!!!!!


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