Headed West

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Here in just a few minutes (hopefully) Erin and I will be headed west. Todays destination is Aurora, Colorado. By Friday we will be in Spokan Washington! Yah for new states!

As I’m sitting here righting I keep having these “oh crap” moments, like just now I remembered that the camera is sitting on my desk! That would have been a bummer!

Now, I’m wondering how long we are actually going to be gone this time, it’s quite amazing to me that I really have no idea….Looks like we’re sitting at 40 days, not too bad.
I can’t tell you how excited I am that Mom and Dad are coming with us and taking us with them on their anniversary vacation! I just think it’s so awesome that we all like each other enough to not even worry about not having fun! Our first stop of this trip is in Canada to visit classmates from South Plains College! I am just beside myself with excitment to see them and play music with them again!!!
Then this Alaska cruise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to Alaska!!!! I can’t believe we’re actually doing it!!!!!!!!!
Update on the foot/leg….the doctors are having mom put this thing on it call ionto feresis or something like that which is helping quite a bit! I’ve packed the boot and crutches but I have hopes that I won’t need them!!!!!!!!!!!
Let’s see, we’re still working on booking gigs in California and Utah, but the schedule is looking pretty good and we just can’t wait!

Okay, I’m getting antsy, Erin should about be ready by now! Next time I talk to you we will be out of Kansas and in a different time zone. WOOHOO!

See you down the ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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