Happy Fall Tour Day 10!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Erin and I left on September 22nd, 2012 for our epic fall tour. Right after I ran my second 5k. Let me tell you folks, I thought I’d be sore after riding in the car for 11 hours, but I was wrong, I was VERY sore, like walk like a grandma sore. Erin was so kind to point out the grandma part :). Our first stop on tour was with our awesome friends the Valencias! We enjoyed Saturday night and Sunday with them. We got to “attend” church with their family. I got to work with the preschoolers which was So awesome, I always enjoy time with the kidoes.

The last week Erin and I spent in downtown Nashville, TN attending the International Bluegrass Music Association business conference and fan fest. We spent our days attending bluegrass meetings and classes and our nights picking in the hotel hallways. We made a lot of connections and met some really nice folks. Can’t wait for the event next year which will be held in North Carolina. One little story….Sunday morning at 6:00am we were kindly awoken from our deep sleep by a strobe light and some kind gentlemen telling us that the awful alarm and strobe light was simply not a test and that we had to evacuate the hotel immediately using the stairs. That would have been just fine if we hadn’t of just gone to bed or if we weren’t on the 18th floor. It’s interesting to see how different peoples alarm systems work in their bodies. I was up with van keys, hotel key and all of my instruments piled on me while poor sis was standing turning in circles wondering what to do next. Poor darling doesn’t function top notch first thing in the am. All the while I’m thinking some prankster or perhaps some upset wife has pulled the fire alarm, but then I got to thinking how many drunk individuals I had seen before turning in for the night (cough cough morning) and thought it probably wouldn’t take much for one of those people to set the place aflame so down all 18 flights of stairs we went. We got to the street just in time to see the dozen firemen rush into the building, it was pretty exciting. There was no fire, so we went back to bed after that. Since then, I’ve seen 4 fire trucks, therefore naming this the “firetruck” tour.

This week we are headed to North Carolina and South Carolina. The gig portion of the tour has started. Watch our schedule www.scenicroots.com to find out where we are each day, that’s what I will be doing 🙂

I wanted to give a quick shout out to the Brown family tonight. We were planning on staying with their lovely family tonight but some of them are under the weather. I just wanted to wish them a quick return to good health and say a big THANKS for calling and giving us a heads up so we weren’t exposed. Another big thanks to the band Nu-Blu (www.nu-blu.com) for letting us crash on their bus for the night!! Headed to Shelby, NC tomorrow to play at the county fair. Join us if you’re in the area.

I better get to bed, sis and I have practice at 9A and I better be dressed and ready to roll by then…and it’s 1:04easter time. OOPS!

Thanks for tuning in, keep in touch with us while we’re out on the road, it keeps me happy!



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