Guest Post: Peter Lague talks about Kid’s Camp

Guest Post: Peter Lague talks about Kid’s Camp

We are pleased to have Peter Lague, executive director of the Americana Music Academy in Lawrence, KS writing for us today.  We have worked with him to develop several Kids’ Camps– here he tells more about that program:

Americana Music Academy is fresh off another successful kids’ music and art camp with Scenic Roots.  It took place in Belleville, KS at the historic Blair Theater, over the holidays.  This non-profit theater continues the tradition of small town theaters showing family movies, live concerts, and this past week, a music and art camp for kids.  Amber, Erin, and I, along with the wonderful volunteers at The Blair Theater, hosted 25 children ages 5-13 for two days of singing, dancing, music, and art.  Children represented surrounding communities of Concordia, Scandia, Norway, Courtland, Formoso, Supoerior, Minneapolis, and Clifton.

Scenic Roots and I continue our plans to bring an interactive kids music and art camp to both rural and urban communities, in Kansas and the surrounding region, who are in need of music and art programs.  Many communities, especially small farming towns, like where Amber, Erin, and I grew up, don’t have the resources or contacts to bring this kind of enrichment to their communities without help.  Our plans are to carry the grand tradition of American roots music and folk art to the rural landscape where it grew from.  In addition to the areas surrounding Lawrence and Concordia, we are targeting other regional towns and cities in Kansas such as Liberal, Emporia, Wichita, and Wamego.  Many of these communities maintain strong community organizations, theaters, churches, and auditoriums where we can connect music and community.  Our curriculum options are easily applied to week-long, weekend, or single-day schedules.

This program began through a conversation with Erin and Amber Rogers, “Scenic Roots”, in the campground at the Walnut Valley Festival, in September 2012, where we discussed their performing a concert at the Americana Music Academy, and progressed into talking about camps and workshops.  Their responsiveness continued into the success of our week-long Summer Music Camp last June.  The camp would not have been possible without the partnership with “Scenic Roots”.  It was a small inaugural group of eight children.  They were fantastic!  We had a great time, and sitting in the shade at Americana after the camp’s conclusion, hot and tired, it was clear to Erin, Amber, and me that something very special just took place, and the three of us were inspired to do more.  And we are.

We have created an integrated, educational, and fun curriculum for children ages 5-13.  Americana Music Academy will be offering this camp to community organizations, schools, and churches.  It includes fun workshops and activities with emphasis on playing and singing American roots music together, dance, history, and art.  A general curriculum and booking details can be obtained by contacting Americana Music Academy.

— Peter Lague, executive director, Americana Music Academy

Americana Music Academy
[email protected]

Note from Erin:
We have two weeks of Kids’ Camp at Americana Music Academy in the works for summer 2014.  Watch our calendar for more information about them.  Each week will have a different emphasis.  We are very excited about developing the Kids’ Camp curriculum with Peter and bringing it to communities throughout the mid-west.  If you would like us to bring a Kids’ Camp to your area, contact us or the Americana Music Academy and we will work with you to make it happen! 

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