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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hi Friends,
I’m sorry it’s been such a long time since I’ve written. We’ve had a pretty wild month here at home.
We are in the countdown stage for our spring tour which means little sleep will be happening here at the Scenic Roots home base!
Have you ever wondered what last minute tour planning is like? Today I’ll shed some light on what goes on around here…
For me I’m filling out last minute contracts, making sure each venue has posters and all of the promotional material they need. I’m also making sure I have addresses, phone numbers and sometimes directions to each venue AND host family we’ll be staying with. There are radio stations and newspapers to be contacted to make sure that advertising is happening!
I’m in charge of merchandise so I’ll be doing CD counts deciding how much product to take with us. There are e-mail sign up sheets to print, inventory tracking sheets to print. Making sure we have enough business cards to last 7 weeks. Before our next tour…June 5th departure I have to order t-shirts, so I’ll be ordering shirts this week.
Packing is always tricky, this spring tour we’ll be gone for 7 weeks, filming a music video, performing, going to the beach, and we also have a work project in there. It’s going to be a tricky packing process! Also this trip we’ll have a few nights of camping so there needs to be camping gear packed somewhere in the van as well.
You can’t forget practice, the week before a tour I try to fit in 2-3 hours of practice! It’s hard to fit everything in let me tell you!!!! It’s super fun though! Seriously who gets to do this!!! YAH!

A few facts about our spring tour that you might be interested in….
1. MY BIRTHDAY!!! We’ll be stopped in Nashville, TN for my 22nd birthday! I’m a little sad that I won’t be home, BUUUT I’ll be staying with some good friends, so it will be fun I’m sure. If you don’t know, I get VEERY excited about my birthday….so you’ll hear more about this I’m sure!
2. We get to play and go to NEW STATES! Erin and I have never been to Louisiana OR Alabama. Florida will also be a new state for Erin!
3. We’re planning on having a HOOT!

Okay, I’m hopping off here to go work on some bookings for our summer tour starting June 5th! We hope to see YOU down the road!!!



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