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Saturday, February 18, 2012

It has been just over a week since we left home in Kansas. We really enjoyed our time in Baggs, Wyoming where we played for a valentines banquet. The weather was cold and snowy which made us happy. Just before we left Wyoming we got to build a snowman. The people were friendly and the food was yummy. We were without cell phone reception so it was a little mini vacation out on the Wyoming prairie. (not sure they’d call it prairie but it was beautiful)

After Wyoming we flew to Los Angeles, California. I found the traffic annoying but it wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated. We flew in and then drove to Palm Desert where we visited with some very dear friends. We enjoyed taking time in the afternoon to pick fruit from trees! We picked lemons, oranges and grapefruits, making lemon meringue pie and fresh lemonade. It was very delicious! I might have gone slightly overboard with the picking. Nancy sent us out for 3 lemons and we came back with an entire grocery bag full of fruit. It was delicious! During our short visit to the Desert we went to a Date farm. There we learned about Date trees and all of the labor that goes into growing dates. It was a very long and complicated process but so very interesting. We got to sample a date shake and took a few pictures.

Another fun stop along the way was going to In N Out Burger after our show on wednesday night. I’m not sure it’s as good as some people think, BUT we did enjoy a good burger with friends. We have had quite a few firsts on this trip, like our first ever island concert. Our show in Alameda, CA will go down in the record books. Just last night we had our first ever sold out show. Not only was it sold out but it was packed FULL to the brim with people with others waiting outside! Way to go Chico, California for making us feel welcome.

Tonight we are looking forward to a relaxed evening and jamming with locals here. Tomorrow will find us in Stonyford, CA. Monday we are taking a day of driving to see the coast and huge redwood trees. Seems like a fun idea now, but after 10 hours of driving we might change our minds.

Thanks for all of the notes, texts and phone calls along the way. If you have friends in the Medford, Oregon or Seattle WA area let them know about our upcoming shows. As usual find our schedule on the website

Oh, one last note before I go our CD is ready to be shipped for print! I am just finishing up the last of our licensing, the artwork is being approved and the master will be sent Monday. I’m excited!

I’ll be in touch…..

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