From the Road #1

Friday, February 4, 2011


The tour is going well so far.

We started out on Wednesday, the day AFTER a blizzard thank goodness. Who would have thought that going West in February would have been the best option? It worked well for us this time around at least.

Wednesday morning Erin and I were plugging away, packing like crazy women, THEN I went out to start the van and kerplunk…it wouldn’t start. DEAD battery! So…it’s -9 degrees outside, 6 inches of snow on the ground and I have no idea what to do, so I called Dad….DAAD save me…he of course is at work and says find someone in Concordia to call to help you jump the van. Our dear friend Kent Otott came to save the day. He showed Erin and I how to jump the van and then went and got us our very own set of jumper cables! How sweet was that! We managed to load the van in just 15 minutes. I think that’s a record for us! We hit the road just 35 minutes later than my original estimation, pretty good for having a dead battery! Our trip on Wednesday went very smoothly. I love driving that big green van!

Wednesday night we got to stay with some great bluegrass friends, the McLemore family. Suzie cooked us up a wonderful meal! We played a couple hours of tunes and had very sweet dreams!

Thursday morning was a beautiful morning, a little cold for my liking but the van started right up! Our first stop was to drop our friend Kathy off. She had ridden with us from Concordia to Colorado to visit her sister. I thought we’d  meet up with her ride at a gas station or something along the way…well it ended up that we just stopped on the side of the highway, gave her the boot and into the other car she got! I’ve always thought it would be fun to drop someone off on the side of the road.

Our next stop was the Denver International Airport where we picked up the other 2 instructors for this dulcimer festival where I’m sitting now. Let me just tell you that parking that big green van is NOT FUN! We were in the parking garage and I thought I”d NEVER get that thing in that tiny little spot, but with the good help of my sis we got it in there! On the ride up to Fort Collins from the airport I was entertained by Steve Seifert and Mark Allen Wade. Those guys had me ROLLING laughing. What a great blessing they’ve been!

For the next 3 days Erin and I are here in Fort Collins Colorado. She’s teaching workshops all day for two days, we get to play a mini concert as Scenic Roots tonight! I’m busying myself replying to e-mails and putting in some much needed practice time.

The road is treating us very well so far, we’re having fun, laughing a lot and eating well!

See you down the road!




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