First ever music video DONE!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hi friends,
I will warn you that it is quite possible that I will ramble for a while this morning just because I’m so excited.
Erin and I arrived in Ozark Missouri on Monday evening where we met up with some great friends for a very fun dinner and chatting!!! Steak and Shake might be a new favorite hang out spot. When we got to where we were staying (with the photographer and cinematographer) we worked on finding clothes for the video shoot. That was tricky let me tell you. Thanks to Sarah and Mary Phillips we had a VERY nice wardrobe! Chrissy was our fashion consultant, and hair consultant and emotional consultant….breakfast consultant pretty much SUPER WOMAN!
Tuesday morning we started the shoot. We had so much fun! We shot at some cool places around the Ozark and Springfield areas. I think we learned a lot! I can’t wait to get the final mix of our song and to see the final edits that Justin and Chrissy put together! AH!!!!!!!!!!!
We haven’t decided on an official release date yet, but be watching the website, facebook and twitter accounts for updates along the way!
Today Erin and I are heading to Rudy Arkansas. Going to spend the evening with friends from “LaLaLand” (We camp next to them at Winfield every year) It will be a great time of catching up, eating food, and picking some wonderful tunes!
Saturday we’ll arrive in Louisiana for the first time ever, we can’t wait.
The tour is going well, we are happy and excited and can’t wait to see you down the road!!!


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