February is Gone…..

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We had a very fun tour! I have a few fun facts that I wanted to share with you about this trip!

Miles Driven = 3,505

Gallons of Gas drunk by our van “Vincent Van Go”= 210

Average mileage for the trip= 16.7

Number of dead skunks on the side of the road = 41

Number of beds slept in = 12

Sis and I had a hoot, if you haven’t seen our new website check it out www.scenicroots.com
If you aren’t my friend on facebook, find me!
If you like to tweet find us there too www.twitter.com/scenicrootsduo!
We are planning MANY more trips, let us know where you live and where we can play in your area! We’d love to come visit!!!!!!!

Join us for a BUNCH of local shows this month! Starting in The Newton and Hutchinson area this week, Jitters Coffee Shop and Lounge in Concordia this Saturday for our EP release party rescheduled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other interesting facts….I was afraid I might have van separation anxiety so I put a van seat in my room in case I just need to sit in that seat to feel at home. 🙂
My fiddle case is falling apart, I just can’t keep a case for longer than 2 years 🙁
My fingernail on my right hand might be falling off since I smashed it….GROSS
Our bird beeps like the microwave at early hours in the morning!

That’s about all I know for now

See you down the road!!!!


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