Day Three of Driving

Friday, June 10, 2011

Today is day 3 of driving. I thought I’d write and tell you about what I’ve seen.

Day 1= 2 hitchhikers, 2 bicyclist, 20 cows crowded under 1 small tree(when there were 6 trees around), 27 working tractors, 1 rain storm, and lots of fields
Day 1= 430miles

Day 2= 167 antelope, 2 deer, 0 cops(STRANGE), 5 rainstorms, and beautiful mountains.
On day 2 we experienced our first ever flat tire on the road. It’s a cool story so here it goes.
We were driving through Wyoming when we had started to get tired of driving. Erin suggested we stop in this town right on the boarder for some coffee. As we were pulling off the highway I thought to myself, I should check our tire pressure since we’ve driven so far….As we pulled into the coffee shop parking lot this older lady came out and informed us that our drivers rear tire was flat. What do you know, it was…so I asked her where a good place to get a tire fixed was. She told us there was a shop just 4 blocks north but she thought they closed at 6:00pm, it was 5:55pm. I got out my handy dandy smart phone and found their phone number, called them up to find out they were actually open until 8 and could get us in right away.
They fixed the tire which had a bad valve, checked all of our other tires and proceeded to charge us…..$0.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We couldn’t believe it! It was amazing to us how the entire situation worked out, God had his hand in the entire day and we didn’t even have to change the tire! It’s scary to think those hundreds of miles we drive yesterday between nowhere and nowhere and we happened to get the flat, IN TOWN! COOL!
We then continued our last 3 hours driving to Columbus, Montana. I had made reservations at these AWESOME cabins! I called that lady to let her know we would be in late. She said she’d leave cabin 7 open for us and we could just stop by in the morning to pay up! It turned out to be a wonderful day. Miles driven=630, average miles per gallon on 2 tanks of gas…20.75!!!!!!!!!
Day 3. So far I’ve been passed by 636 cars, passed 2 myself! YES! Seen SNOW! 8 antelope, 2 deer, 83 cows(I think) and a guy who hoped off a cliff then parshooted to the ground! WHOA COOL!!!

Now we’re at a coffee shop doing office work getting ready to finish out another 6 hours of driving this afternoon.
We just wanted to say another special thanks to all of you who pray for us! We saw evidence of Gods protection yesterday and so THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will write soon and we will look forward to seeing you down the road!


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