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Monday, January 31, 2011

Erin and I are just hours away from our official CD RELEASE! It’s our “Bound for Somewhere EP”!!!!!

Now, if you ask me, it is not enough to just release a CD

….we decided to release a BRAND NEW WEBSITE!

If that wasn’t enough we also decided to book a MONTH LONG TOUR!!!

That’s not the end, as of today we’re an OFFICIAL LLC!!!!

Now THAT is enough to keep Erin and I so busy we hardly know which end is up.


A few minor details….check out our music on iTunes, and Amazon and your other favorite online distributors


I’m sure that none of you really want to hear this sob story, but…last weekend Erin and I had a gig playing for an elementary school in Kansas City Missouri. While we were setting up for our show I had my microphone in my mouth…(step 1 of this saga) THEN I opened my fiddle case to find that TWO of my tuners had come loose. (if you know me you understand that this makes me VERY irritated!) While I bent over to pick up my fiddle I dropped the microphone out of my mouth, so instead of dropping the fiddle I caught the mic and proceeded to bite the heck out of my lip, I’m talking like a CHUNCK of lip here people, blood and everything! So since then I’ve had 3 fever blisters and then I got kicked in the chin by a 2 year old so NOW I have a fat lip and a swollen chin and cheek. While this is all ver small I’ve been whinning like none other!


Living in Kansas we never know what our weather is going to be like, I feel like if I didn’t update you on our current weather conditions I would not be a good blogger, so…it’s snowing, icing, winding and is just downright aweful! Our high temperature for tomorrow is….1!


I think that might be all I have to say for now, watch for new blog updates while we are on tour for our CD RELEASE TOUR!!!!!!

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