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Monday, June 6, 2011

Being at home for the last 14 days has been nice, but the countdown to tour has begun, we head out in 49 hours!
As I am sitting in my office this morning I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to get everything done or if I should just perhaps GIVE UP! 🙂
Just so the world knows starting this Friday we are going to be out of cell phone coverage range for 2 weeks. Yes, that’s right will we survive? I honestly can not wait to turn that thing off for a while! That being said you should probably e-mail [email protected] if you need anything and we will try to check that a few times during those 2 weeks.

Erin should be sending out a newsletter  in the next week so I will let her give you all of the juicy details on gigs, but I’ll give you all of the juicy details about packing. You see, we had been planning to stop at Yellowstone National Park on our way to Spokane Washington until we saw their weather forecast. Concordia, KS high for today is 99, while the high for Yellowstone this week is 45 and the low is 30….we decided to wimp out and say that we did not feel like camping and freezing our behinds off. So if we’re going to see 30’s and 90’s how the HECK are you supposed to pack???????? The other tricky part about this trip is that we get to spend 2 weeks with our PARENTS! That means we have to make room for them and their luggage in the van. Now, the van is big but…..

The other things we’re doing is experimenting. Last tour I played with gas mileage. If I drive 55mph in the van I get almost 20 miles to the gallon. This trip we’re going to see if the cost of buying groceries for breakfasts and lunchs saves money over fast food. We have this fancy cooler that plugs into the cigarette lighter so we’re going to see what money savings we can find!

Be sure to start watching our website for juicy details about our release of the Single and Music Video!
I guess I had better get back to office work, thanks for all of your support!

Amber R for Scenic Roots


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