A Strange Drive

Thursday, February 24, 2011

We had a strange drive today…..

Step 1. While loading the van, a gust of wind blew extremely hard and my finger happened to be in the door….so that means I have a very swollen pretty flattened first finger on my right hand! The first thing I thought was, it’s my right hand, I”m fine! The second thought was…I hope it’s not broken! The third thought was, holy cow I”m bleeding!!!!! It’s doing better tonight after icing it, but ya that was no fun!

Step 2. While filling the van up with gas we bought the city paper from Cross Plains Texas….Would you like to guess what band photo was on the front page? Well, if you guessed Scenic Roots you were right! At the gas station our legs also got a quick sanding from the wind! We averaged 15.6 Miles Per Gallon!

Step 3. On I-20 there was a BIG fire, I’m talking BIG FIRE!!! I saw 18 fire engines or water tankers on our drive today! It looked terrible! I hope that everyone was safe!

Step 4. People in Texas drive….well….in my opinion horribly. We were about an hour from Dallas when people started getting stupid! I couldn’t believe their driving skills, they went NUTSO!

Step 5. Once we arrived to town we stopped at a Panera Bread for office time! We’re sitting here working away booking more shows for 2011! Be sure to watch our schedule for new shows in your area!!!

I think that’s all for now, a big thank to everyone in Cross Plains, Texas!

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