A fun Weekend

Saturday, November 13,2010


As many of you might know, in Kansas today was the opening day of pheasant season. For our family this brings back many many childhood memories. In many ways this weekend was more special to me than thanksgiving or christmas times spent with my mothers family. Today we had family visiting for the hunting season, we got to walk through beautiful fields, eat WONDERFUL food and just spend time remembering.

Another cool part of my day was booking Scenic Roots’ latest gig VIA face book chat! I couldn’t believe it, but I think I really like technology right now! Be sure to join us next week, Saturday November,20th in Clay Center Kansas. We’ll be playing at the Blue Herron restaurant from 7:00-9:00pm! I hope that you will plan to join us!

Now, a funny moment….you know that slogan “stop, drop, and roll”? Well, today I realized where I learned that, it’s not from fire drills in my homeschool, no it’s what you do when you come up to a fence, stop, drop and roll on under.

Have a good week,

Amber Rogers

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