A Beautiful Drive

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On Monday we took a scenic adventure through Northern California. For years we have heard about the amazing red wood trees, SO we took a day of driving to go see them.
We started our morning early in Stonyford, California. If you have ever been to Stonyford then you know that it takes a while to drive out of the “foot hills” to get back to a main road! For us Kansans those little foot hills seemed like big ol’ mountains :). About 4 hours after we had our start we hit the COAST! That’s right folks Kansans seeing the big ol ocean. What a majestic beauty. The big rocks, the huge waves and TSUNAMI zones!!! CRAZY!!!!! We took highway 1 and then caught up with highway 101. It was a¬†gorgeous¬†drive! At one point I thought the curvy roads would never end, but when we made it to the big drive through tree that was pretty awesome. It’s a good thing we were in the car, I don’t think the van would have fit through!
At one point in our journey there were elk laying on the side of the road, of course the entire highway of cars had stopped to snap a few pictures, so we did too. Those animals are SO big!
The weather was mostly good, a little bit of sunshine, lots of low lying clouds and just a few showers. It was a fun but long day for the Scenic Roots crew.

Tomorrow we are heading up to Seattle, Washington to attend the Wintergrass bluegrass festival. We have heard about this festival for years so we are feeling excited to go see the action and hopefully get in some awesome picking! Next week we will work on booking shows and perform a number of times in the Seattle area. If you know of anyone in the area send them our way, we would love to meet them and would really love to have some awesome shows to send us home.

Thanks for the support and I will check in from Seattle.


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