A bad day, a really bad day

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I’m writing to tell you about my really bad day.

Erin and I left Denver, CO at 12:00pm yesterday (wednesday). We decided that since we ate a late breakfast we would stop in Colorado Springs for gas and a snack. Well, I was driving along and we got to Colorado Springs. This is where the bad day began. You see, usually we check those blue information signs that tell you what’s at the next exit, and that’s how we decide when we’re going to pull off. WELL Colorado Springs had no blue signs, so being much like my father I just drove on! I’d hate to waste time and gas to SEE if there’s anything at that exit.
I decided that Pueblo wasn’t that far away and I had enough gas, so we drove on! Well, as you might know there were NO blue signs in Pueblo! By this time I was getting SOOOO thirsty it was dumb, all of our water was frozen solid. Then I remembered there was a can of coke in the back, so I had sis do some Van Aerobics (that’s how we exercise in the van, it gets complicated trying to get from point A to point B in the van sometimes). Erin did some beautiful Van Aerobics to fetch me a drink and what do you know, FROZEN SOLID. At this point I was getting grouchy….THEN I-25 turned into an ice skating rink. I mean both lanes and shoulders were completely ice packed, it was HORRIBLE, so Vincent (the van) and I were driving like 25mph! I was like, I don’t know how we’re ever going to get over raton pass and I’m just so thirsty and waaa. I was being very pitiful. When we arrived in Trinidad Colorado I was convinced that we couldn’t stop until we got over Raton pass because it might take us like an HOUR if the road conditions didn’t improve. Well, I should have stopped because the road was FINE! Dry- no problem at all, but now I was SO thirsty Erin was holding the coke up to the heater which was on full blast. I finally did get 2 drinks!
You remember how I was going to get gas in Colorado Springs…ya we hadn’t filled up yet so by the time we got to Raton we HAD to get some gas, so I pulled into the Phillips 66 and get this, the price was $3.20!!!!!!!!!! AND that station was out of that type of gas. So…oh I was so frustrated, so me and sis were like we are GOING TO GO TO SONIC! I got a snack and a DRINK! and sis got ICE CREAM her favorite and it was only $4.00. Then we got GAS! AND…let me tell you what, for 8 days that we’ve been on the road every time we had stopped there were either no squeegies, OR the squeegie juice was all frozen solid! UNTIL yesterday! We got to was ALL of the van windows! IT was SO happy!
So my rotten day got all better, then we got to the Armstrong house where we had the most fabulous dinner EVER!  Baked Halibut, Green Beans and fresh veggies. I even got to find the recipe for baked fish and cook it up! Which if you know me that made me a very happy gal. The recipe:
1/2 Cup Bread Crumbs
1/4 Cup Parmesan Cheese
1/4th tsp sage
2 cloves garlic
1/4 cup olive oil
salt and pepper
So I mixed all of that up into a nice paste and rubbed it on the fish, baked it at 450 for about 20 minutes and had some EXCELLENT tasting fish!
My bad day got all better!
A few interesting road signs from the day…
Bear Crossing! I looked and looked for a bear but never saw one. I asked sis to watch the road, so don’t worry!
Elk Crossing! After those two signs were about 5 miles apart, Erin said “well that means we’re in the middle of no where”.
Use Cautio, Road Const ahead…which for us meant use caution, road constipation ahead..

Erin and I are having a wonderful day today, we’re camped out by a fireplace working, be sure to check our website for Schedule Updates! Thanks to everyone who’s been calling us to book gigs, we appreciate you very much!



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