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Observations of the North East

Observations from the North East 1. Speed limit signs are meant to be ignored 2. Lane lines are just suggestions 3. Toll roads cost WAY more than the $2.75 I used to complain about in Kansas 4. Tunnels that take you under bodies of water make me very uncomfortable 5. Double Decker bridges, I always… Continue Reading

Ohio 2013

(sorry I wrote this but never posted it!) Greetings from Greenville, Ohio ! I have so much news for you I’ll start with the purchase of a new fiddle for me!!! A few weeks back my parents pointed out to me an article in our local newspaper about a fiddle builder living just a few… Continue Reading

Update from Oregon Tour, in New Mexico

Greetings from the great state of New Mexico on a hot and windy Monday afternoon. We are sitting at a friends house enjoying cool water and watching the smoke billow over the mountains from a huge forest fire. Come to find out having the air full of smoke doesn’t make one feel very good. Erin… Continue Reading

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